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Kathy & Rufus with their ribbon Daz posing in an Ideal Pet Products patio door

This is "Daz" posing with the "VIP Vinyl Patio Door", made by Ideal Pet Products and available at Pet Doors & More "Because it's their home too."

Chip loves agility

Chip loves agility

Best friends... Chip takes a break from agility to sit with his owner

Best friends... Chip takes a break from agility to sit with his owner

Welcome to RunJumpWeave Agility Center

Located in the Westlake/Thousand Oaks area of Ventura County

At RunJumpWeave Agility we offer agility and games training for a broad range of purebred or mixed breed dogs and their handlers. It is always our goal for each dog and handler to learn while having fun. Therefore, whatever their level of experience each dog and handler receives individual, personal training attention from agility trainer, Kathy Lofthouse.

Is your goal just to have fun with your dog? Do you ultimately hope to compete? Are you undecided? The pathway is the same and the training just as enjoyable whatever the goals. With toys and treats and a positive attitude Kathy will show you how to bring out the best in your dog. All well-behaved, healthy, sociable dogs are welcome, large or small, regardless of pedigree.

Puppies are welcome too and if you schedule an appointment for an "Eager Puppy" you and your puppy can enjoy socialization and puppy games which help them to utilize their boundless energy and become better behaved and more enjoyable family members.

Multiple images of six dogs doing agility combined

Photo courtesy of: Binfield Photography

Agility should always be fun. Here are some of the Lofthouse dogs: TC—dog walk, Daz—jump, Nel—tunnel, Bracken—table, Just Emma—tire, Rugby—weaves.

Eager puppy?!

Clair with TC at 8 weeks

Special time can be set aside for puppies to play and gain confidence while they learn.

Contact Kathy to make an appointment.

Read my article Starting Out Right, originally published in Clean Run. Reprinted with permission.

Bay Team, 1995-Kathy & Bracken, jumping 30"

Photo by Bill Newcombe

The fee schedule is as follows:

½-hour training (dog and handler):
1-hour training (dog and handler):
½-hour training (dog only):
1-hour training (dog only):
Training Consultant Fee:
$85.00 per hour
Puppy socialization, games and imprinting:
$35.00 per ½-hour session

Puppy must be at least 12 weeks of age and be current on his shots

If you have questions or to arrange an appointment, contact Kathy by email or call (805) 494-5042.

A Dog Called Kan by Kathy Lofthouse

Link to 'A Dog Called Kan book' by Kathy Lofthouse

Kan wants a job like his Uncle Bob, who works on a farm all day. His need for mental and physical activity are misunderstood until he discovers the sport of dog agility. This simple childrens' story appeals to adults and children alike as we all empathize with Kans' desire to be a good dog.

Available from Xlibris

Kathy with TC & Daz

Lunarlite's Totally Cool, aka TC (on my right) is a USDAA Agility Dog Champion and has his AKC MX and MXJ titles. We call him the track star as he loves to run really fast in very large circles. He is a very talented agility dog and a lot of fun to run.

Lunarlite's Bobbie Dazzler, aka Daz Daz earned his ADCH and Tournament Master Bronze in 2009. At the USDAA Southwestern Regionals in September 2010 he became the Regional Champion in Performance Grand Prix of Dog Agility and Performance Speed Jumping. He is our "bouncy boy" who loves to show what those long legs can do. In his short career he has won local qualifiers for the USDAA Grand Prix on five different occasions and has won two USDAA Steeplechases. He and Kathy love to run agility together and every run is fun for this pair... best of all he's a great lap dog!