Inducted into the USDAA Hall of Fame in 2014, Kathy is one of the pioneers of agility in the United States. Competing in the 30″ jump height class her German Shepherd Dog, Saxon, and her English Shepherd, Just Rufus, were among the first dogs to¬†earn a USDAA Agility Dog title. Kathy and Rufus traveled extensively promoting the sport and were the winners of the Southern California Regional Qualifier for the Pedigree Grand Prix of Dog Agility on several occasions, winning trips to the United States Dog Agility Grand Prix which was then held at the Astro Hall in Houston, Texas.

As the sport has grown Kathy has competed in the AKC, USDAA, NADAC and UKC Agility programs, as well as providing training help to many dog/handler teams. She has been a finalist in the highly competitive USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility with English Shepherds, Rufus, Purdy, and Bracken as well as her Border Collie, Nell.

Kathy has trained and competed with 14 dogs, earning the following titles and having a lot of fun on the way:

  • U-CD Saxon AD, German Shepherd Dog

  • U-CDX Just Rufus MAD, RM, EAC, CGC, English Shepherd

  • U-CD Purdy Dream Weaver AAD, EAC, CGC, English Shepherd

  • Bracken’s Sudden Spring MAD, EAC, CGC, English Shepherd

  • ADCH MACH2 Nel EAC, Border Collie

  • Stroller AAD, AX, AXJ, Border Collie

  • Bobbin AAD, AX, AXJ, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • ADCH Lunarlites’ Totally Cool (TC), AX, AXJ, WSD, Border Collie

  • ADCH Shepherd’s Way Em’ma Star MAD, CGC, English


  • ADCH Lunarlite’s Bobbie Dazzler MAD, JM, RM, OA, OAJ, Border Collie

  • Contact Point’s Super Model, MAD, NA, NAJ, ADCH

  • Brandywine’s Watson, AD