The Power of a Few Kind Words

A lady came up to me on the trail today and told me “I like your dog”.

At an agility trial 20 years ago a lady came up to me before I went into the agility ring and said “I know you are busy getting ready to run, but I wanted to say that I always enjoy watching you before and after you run.  It is so clear that you love your dog whether you win or not.”

I thanked her, heard the gate steward calling and quickly went to the gate.  I was thinking about the course, but with overtones of thankfulness.  Nel and I won the class that day and I have never forgotten the kind words which meant so much more than the blue ribbon.

Blue ribbons fade over time, but kindness is always remembered in glorious color.

The person you were kind to five minutes ago is probably being kind to someone right now.

That person you took a moment to compliment on her beautiful gray-muzzled senior dog is filled with the love and memories an oh-so-cute puppy.  Fond memories of days gone by when passers-by would remark on how this dog glowed with youthful energy and vigor.   They both had a spring in their step as they walked away.

Dog people are mostly “love me, love my dog people” and sometimes take other people’s dogs for granted, but as moments are remembered it is so often the simple kindness of somebody saying “what a lovely dog” which stands out beyond the ribbons, titles or accolades.

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